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my skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel
my skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel
I made up this video treatment to Kitty Kat by Beyonce


Basically Bey would be Selina Kyle, and she is dating Batman.

So the video takes place on three different nights, on the first night Batman is there with her and they are having a good time. Then he gets called out to be Batman and shit, so he has to leave. She acts like she is understanding, but she has been upset about his activity as Batman for awhile. She cleans up, and goes on with her daily routine, feeding her three cats (It is Catwoman).

Second verse, she is eating strawberries with Bruce, but once again he gets called out to do Batman things. Leaving her again. You see scenes of him doing his batman work. Also you see a very frustrated, emotionally and sexually, Selina going on being Selina. 

The bridge before the rap section is her being stood up by Bruce. She is dressed in a beautiful black full length gown. She is all pretty for him, but once again he does not show up. She is about to cry feeling lost and alone, when she looks at a special box. Pulling it out in temptation she opens it and says fuck it. On the section where she goes “Ooh” three times it is a small montage of her putting on a glove a, a boot, and a pair of goggles.

The rap section is when she is rolling around in diamonds, gold, and an assortment of expensive ass jewelry (Think Upgrade U with more diversity), playing around, being the Selina Kyle she was meant to be. Catwoman. She looks up to see the batman symbol in the air. We then pan to a close up of her eyes, with that Jaguar inspired eye shadow from the original video.

Yoo Kyung and her excellent cooking skills :) (PASTA


There was this one cute guy at my high school, older than me and all that, and he was apparently gay (or bi. It was confirmed he fucked one of the most notorious gay students at my high school)


So like years later he is working at Burger King, and I used to go to that one, and he would nod my way and shit.

But he look strung out…still cute in some way…but strung out.

I wish I had gave him the digits.


America for a Bisexual Cap

What 2ne1 stan mad at me?

Your faves participated in a messy photoshoot. 

Yes it was Vogues fault and they had no control in that. But that wasn’t my point. The point was the shoot was a mess (even though Bom and Minzy looked cute, and CL slayed in some pics)

That’s it.

If you trying to defend that mess, you gross.

And yes your faves need vocal lessons. I’m not afraid to admit Hyorin still needs to continue seeing her vocal coach despite her visible growth as a vocalist. You may like where they are, but I don’t and I said what I said.

I didn’t even tag it so, that means you a follower who mad.

Anonymous asked: "I'm assuming that you're talking about that Vogue Korea photoshoot with you screaming "cultural appropriation" and what not. Yes, because 2NE1 TOTALLY controls what they wear for photoshoots with Vogue. So the blame is totally their fault. Furthermore, how do you know they aren't taking vocal lessons? We can't assume they are or if they're not."

So…we gonna admit that the photoshoot took Africa (or various parts of different African cultures) and made them props and fashion statements because they looked cool? Also yes Vogue more than likely did not 

Now onto them vocal lessons. The only one I would believe to have taken any is Minzy (who has actually shown the most improvements, though I didn’t think she was as terrible as her fans think she is). I think CL has seen small improvements but not enough to have me believed she takes vocal lessons (and if she does, she is not receptive to them). Bom is more or less where she has been for the last two years vocally. Dara is still a mess. 

I may not have definitive proof, however the simple fact that all the girls still have various issues that they had either since debut (Dara, and more or less CL) or over the last few years (Bom) tells me they may not be taking lessons. And if they are…they need to fire their vocal coaches and hit up whomever got Taemin on the right path.

I really want to see them do something simple and elegant. Like ballroom gowns or something.
tbh I’m not holding my breath and I totally forgot about them but that shows how big my scope is with that label. Minzy is always cute lol but they better idea folks at these mag shoots

Honestly Winner is going to fuck up (YG has more or less in stake with them than most groups, so they will get that magical YG treatment and bad things will happen). Team B look messy. Lee Hi and AkDM I have faith in, but their company is really messy so yeah I’m with you.

They just…I don’t know stop working with people in SK

While Hyorin is the most recognized member of SIstar, Soyu is the one out here slaying musically


Bom has been killing it this promotional round look wise. Their Nylon shoot was cute
ikr and it’s a shame because Bom actually looked pretty in this shoot :-|. It’s hard to stan anyone YG except TOP honestly.

Lee Hi and Akdong have not fucked up. And the two new boygroups are still good.

But all their older acts have pretty much fucked up (this is Minzy and I think Bom’s first offense though so I’m going to let it slide due to circumstances).

Also Minzy looked cute in many of their pics as well.